9/18 had a great recording sesssion with Miyoko Sparrow, Junko Sakai, Don Pate and Darrell Green at Eastside Sound

2/21 I will be touring Guatemala and Mexico as a member of Kuni Mikami Trio from March 2nd to March 10th, more schedules are updated


11/10 updated Schedule page, including Earthwards Group gig on 11/19 at Shrine

8/5 "Planets" is now released from Apollo Sounds. Physical CD is available in at CD Japan, digital album can be purchased at Ototoy

7/13 New project itellu's website is launched, please check new album and tour info!

4/14 Some of my artworks are featured on my mentor Jon Damian's new book "Fresh Music"

4/13 Schedule updated! My trio will be debuting at Bar Next Door next month, Japan Tour is schedueled in May-June and August.

2/26 New Reveiw for Earthewards!


12/11 uploaded some tracks from the past gig on soundcloud!

12/3 Earthwards Group will be performing on 12/7 at Somethin' Jazz Club, please come hang!

9/8 came back to NY about a week ago! please check out gig info on schedule page

7/15 UEJQ's first album is out! online download is available at the website with only $5!

7/7 released another video "Little J" by The United East Jazz Quintet. I'll be touring Korea and Japan from next week. Please check details on Schedule page!

5/14 released new music video "Teemo's Journey" by The United East Jazz Quintet, also published band facebook page, please check them out!

5/6 "Truth & the Abstract Blues [featuring Kurt Elling]" won the first place of International Songwriting Competition in Jazz Category! Thank you so much for your support!

4/22 new website of The United East Jazz Quintet is launched, more updates about album and tours will be coming soon..!

4/1 Videos, Earthwards Network updated

3/9 Two years aniversary from Earthwards recording session, opened yutokanazawa.bandcamp.com, wav file download available at $7!

3/4"Truth & the Abstract Blues [featuring Kurt Elling]" made it to the finalist of International Songwriting Competition. Please support us by voting!

3/1 Official Online Store opened on Earthwards Network Website!

2/18 "Truth & the Abstract Blues [featuring Kurt Elling]" is now filed on International Song Competition semifinalists!
2/3 Lessons are available at New York Jazz Workshop


11/16 YutoKanazawa.com Learning Center launched
11/12 Japanese Website Updated
10/26 Facebook Artist Page Launched
8/29 Yuto Kanazawa Synthetic Quartet performed at
Wakefield Library Summer Concert Series , MA
6/10-22 The United East Jazz Quintet Korea-Japan Tour

Striking compositions played by five unique musicians.
"Earthwards" morphs intricate emotions into pure artistic energy.

Yuto Kanazawa's First Album "Earthwards"
was released from Interrobang Records
on February 13th, 2013.

"Yuto Kanazawa far more than the latest hotshot to come out of Berklee but instead allows him to lay legitimate claim as one of the more exciting new shooters in the world of modern jazz guitar " - Brent Black criticaljazz.com

"the record swings hard throughout, with the aggressive rhythm section frequently aiming friendly fire at Kanazawa's smooth guitar lines and elegant head arrangements".
- Jeremy D. Goodwin, The Boston Globe, February 11th, 2013

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