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Here's a little backstory I wanted to share about.

We recorded Frevo as a part of our first EP No Day But Today in NYC. I had been playing Brazilian 7 strings acoustic guitar for a while and Jun happened to know and sing a lot of Brazilian songs including Frevo since she worked with a Brazilian ensemble at The City College of New York.   

I have been a big fun of Egberto Gismonti since when I was 19, my mentor pianist Masako Hamamura gave me Egberto's CD "In Montreal", live duo recording with Charlie Haden around Christmas time. She thought I might like it. I was learning jazz but having a hard time fitting into the style, Egberto's music really showed new direction for my music career and life in general. I would like to dedicate this recording to Masako as she sadly passed away last year before we released this cover. 

Jun and I shared our video on Youtube and Facebook, and we are pretty overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedbacks from who also loves Egberto Gismonti's music. One of his friend even shared the video with Egberto himself and gave us his comment saying he enjoyed listening on facebook post, it was a great encouragement for us. 

We are also sharing total 5 videos from our EP No Day But Today, please check them out on Jun's youtube channel, and if you like music click subscribe to stay in touch as we are planning to release other albums and videos in 2020. 

The title came from Jun's favorite Broadway Musical "Rent". We covered "Will I?" from the musical, also Chick Corea's Spain, Pat Metheny's First Circle and My Favorite Things from Sound of Music.  Here's a vide of First Circle. 

EP No Day But Today is also available for download for purchase from following link.

Thank you again for checking it out and we hope you like these tracks.