II V I altered scale lick in Ab added in II V I Jazz Licks and Melodic Minor & Altered Scale Madness


John Coltrane's solo of Freight Trane (Jazz Blues) added in Jazz Transcriptions


D melodic minor hexatonic scale patterns added in Melodic Minor & Altered Scale Madness


Altered Scale Lick from Four on Six added in Jazz Transcriptions and Melodic Minor & Altered Scale Madness


Bobby Timmons turnaround lick added in Jazz Transcriptions


III-7b5 Vi7 to II Lick added in II V I Jazz Licks


Turnaround Chord Melody in F added in II V I Jazz Licks


II V I Jazz Blues Lick in Ab added in II V I Jazz Licks


Guitar Lab is launched. I had this idea of making a lesson website since around 2012 back in Boston. There was a "Learning Center" page on my website where I explained mostly about compositions I recorded on the first album Earthwards. Then shortly after I moved to NYC, I was working with New York Jazz Workshop to make a online lesson website in 2014. I made a presentation, took Gary Burton's Berklee online course, researched other websites and tried to find a way to build budget friendly lesson website on online. Most of so called Learning Management Systems were very pricey gearing towards corporate business back then. I found this website theme on wordpress and made a template of the website. The project didn't come true but I always thought it could be cool to make a website like this. Nowadays there's many services like Patreon and Vimeo's subscription video website, however I like customizing things here and there so I put this website together. I hope you will enjoy the contents as much as I do in making and learning new things everyday.