I’ve been teaching lessons in my home in Woodside, now mainly using Skype.

I teach both jazz and classical techniques, how to improvise and learn/memorize songs. Since my musical background is very wide spread and eclectic, I am somehow meeting similar type of guitarist as my student. If I have to say what kind of music I am trying to create, it’s like third stream, mixture of classical and jazz as well as rock of course, it’s guitar music anyway. After spending 5 years working in NY, I got some swing jazz and funk/RnB hiphop essence as well, they are different but somewhat it’s all same music, passion and love.

If you are interested please send me email at yutokanazawa@gmail.com or book the lesson through this calendar.


Here’s my lesson videos.

Also here’s some reviews for my lessons.

Yuto is a great teacher and someone who I also would consider a friend. His ability to dial in the strengths of his student and create musical conversations makes learning and practicing guitar so much more fun. He’s very patient on slow learners like me which helped me gain my playing confidence. He even dumbed down certain songs for me to learn easier. If your looking for a strict, boring guitar teacher Yuto is not the right guy. – Mert Z.

Yuto was an excellent mentor. Not only he was brilliant in teaching the technical and conceptual aspects of guitar, he was also very advanced in suggesting philosophical perspectives of music. He was also very kind and friendly as a person always providing me with new insights and information regarding the music I favored. He even walked me to interesting jam sessions which I enjoyed a lot. I am sure there are many great guitar instructors in New York, but Yuto was one of a kind in that he was much more than just an instructor. Not many instructors actually spend the time and give full attention to their students but with Yuto, I cannot ask for more. I definitely recommend him as one your guitar instructors who actually cares for you.- Asuka A.

My experience with Yuto, I could say, was life-changing. The amount of not only knowledge, but really feeling of what Jazz and music in general can be, was endless. Yuto treats you as a real friend, and his lessons are both very practical, but also with a theoretical foundation that really provides a real sense of what you are playing or composing. Also, Yuto, above all, is a great human being, with a big heart and passion for music. We ended up recording some things at his studio and continue to be good friends. I will always thank him and consider him to be one of the best musicians I´ve played with and hope to play again soon with him. To anyone that is looking for lessons on Jazz, or classical or any kind of music. I could, with all sincerety say, Yuto is the one for you. – Diego D.

Yuto worked directly with my son teaching him piano and guitar. He is very knowledgeable and professional. My son learned a lot from him. He was very patient with him and taught in an encouraging manner. He is also very friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Yuto as a music instructor to my friends and family.-Richard C.

Yuto has been teaching my 13-year-old daughter (advanced beginner) for the last 6 months, and we could not be happier. He is kind and patient, thorough and always very professional. He is knowledgeable about all kinds of music, and has been introducing different genres to my daughter. He is punctual and courteous, and lets us know well in advance if he needs to reschedule a lesson. We highly recommend Yuto to anyone! -Aki T.